LGS Maths

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Use the following GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODES to access additional resources and work whilst you are are at home!
Mr Crawford’s Classes

S2 – t56iage      S1 –  4qfqa4z

Miss Flynn’s Classes

S3  –  2zjysau    S2 – rcap3i5     S1 – imqenal

Miss Murray’s Classes

S2 – 52eevgk      S1 – zbirbte

Miss Fingland’s Classes

S2 – nwy5zyt     S1 – 5ssfim5

Mrs Callan’s Classes

S2 – tpa6lkd    S1 – nwvb67v

Mr Millar’s Classes

S2 – k2cy35   S1 – hm3s6qe

Miss Waddell’s Classes

S2 – 4s34u3n   S1M2 –  rjx32xu  S1M6 – 5l7kbsg

Puzzle of the Month

Bring your solution to any maths teacher and you will have a chance to win some fantastic prizes! 🙂 Good luck! 




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